Larksview Foundation is a Pennsylvania registered 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation. This program was built on a significant foundation of volunteer experience invested over 12 years.  The wealth of understanding gained from working with other local and international organizations has facilitated a rapidly developing program. As such, we have been able to offer much more than just an annual medical clinic trip to Tanzania, Africa.  Listed below is a brief explanation of some of our areas of impact.

During our 2017-2018 clinic visits we have provided the following at no cost:

• Over 1220 patient evaluations

• Durable medical equipment

• 26 referred patient hospitalizations

• 13 urgent or emergent surgeries

• Treatment and IV resuscitation for:

    1) 46 patients testing positive for typhoid

    2) 21 pediatric or elderly patients suffering from malaria

    3) 3 patients with schistosomiasis

    4) 9 with severe or hemorrhagic amebiasis

    5) 16 with severe dehydration from other causes

    6) 7 with nonspecific septic shock

• All patients needing hospitalization, resuscitation or surgery have follow up care and even home visits provided at no additional cost by clinicians and pastors in this community with follow up reports given to Larksview.


"Like to the lark at the break of day arising from the sullen earth..."  - William Shakespeare

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